Negan is Main Character and Super Villain of The Walking dead, and survivor of the Zombie apocalypse in the Show, He is one of the people who made it so far with his mind games and personality, His personality is thought to be cruel, highly intelligent and manipulative, He has been using the People for his own benefits. Here we summaries a list that shows fact NOT to hate Negan. He is although a most hated villain of TWD.

1. Negan is a Super villan of TWD who is Taking his Part

Negan is a Super villan of TWD who is Taking his Part

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a Main character, Super villain /antagonist of the TV Show the Walking Dead, the Leader of Saviors in The Walking Dead Season 6,7 and 8. Although he is thought to be cruel, manipulative but still he makes a lot suspense in the TV Show, that without Him, the show will be dead. Already the Zombies are too slow and those are rotting, but whats the major villain that makes the Walking Show really interesting, by personality Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been taking parts in such kind of movies and TV shows, but believe me he is such a nice guy in real life, That makes him not to be hated.


2. Negan Act So Naturally that Makes TWD a Super Show

If we speak of The Walking dead Tv Show, In first 2 season there was no antagonist, not actually the person although there were zombies and yet it was awesome, In 3& 4 you'd have saw the Governor, yes he was also a good Antagonist, but now the things have changed and yes , Negan is again making the walking dead a good show again. How would the show be like without an antagonist.

3. Negan is Reasonable for His Friends

Negan is Reasonable for His Friends, If we talk of the Negan He is reasonable for his friends and the people who obey him, although he is cruel in nature manipulative he sometimes cares for his true assets.


4. Negan Has Own Power to Control People

Negan Has Own Power to Control People, He is manipulative and controls people, but in the very dangerous times, he always knows how to be safe and save his crew. This is why he is able to survive so far.



5. Negan Knows How to Survive in Crucial Situations

Negan Knows How to Survive in Crucial Situations, yes this is true, he has a lot of trouble moments in life, he himself has nothing, but he has a power of people and power based on fear. And he has something left for others to blackmail for.


6. Negan has Extra Leadership capabilities

Negan has Extra Leadership capabilities, yes this is true according to comics he has extra leadership capabilities to control and the way he is doing exactly the politicians do in our real life and we also cast them, he has leadership capabilities that are even safer for him not else.


7. Negan is Fearless of How situations Goes wrong

Negan is Fearless of How situations Go wrong, He has something for people to offer, he has no fear of others as how much situations goes wrong.



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