This Guide Help you to Install Percona Server (Mysql Server) CentOS with Easy Pictures Guide and Commands + Videos

Introduction to Percona Server (Mysql Server)

Percona Server is best suited server for MySQL with lightweight and fast speed that also comes with a lot of security features. In this Guide We'll install Percona Server from Percona Server software repositories, that is basically a very easy setup guide in minutes.

Supported Releases:

  • CentOS 5 and RHEL 5
  • CentOS 6 and RHEL 6 (Current Stable) 
  • CentOS 7 and RHEL 7
  • Amazon Linux AMI (works the same as CentOS 6
CentOS repositories also work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux too but YUM should be installed already.

Installing Percona Server from Percona yum repository

First Update yum by this commad

Yum update

It will get permission you should respond


1. Install Percona repository

You can install Percona repository by this command as ROOT

yum install

Note: By the time you can see that the package has been updated and not available you can get the package from official website


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