Unlike typical business schools and colleges, Jack Welch College of Business focuses to educate students in the best professional way in collaboration of world’s top leading CEO’s and practical training which remarks 100% success in marketing and financial fields.

Jack Welch College of Business Introduction

In accreditation of Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Jack Welch College of Business is working to provide MBA degree in online formats. Jack Welch College of Business was founded in 2007,after the name of legendary CEO of GE, Jack Welch. The core objective of this college is to transfer productive education and business learning to students,who are busy in their hectic schedules but their passion of becoming business leaders and manipulators is polished and owned by Jack Welch College of Business, USA.

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Welch College Online

The online classes at Jack Welch College is all about learning and earning online MBA at their richly interactive virtual classrooms. Jack Welch, himself and his team of world’s top CEO’s educate and train the business students in video conferences, to make them leaders of today’s world economy.

Jack Welch College of Business Mission

Jack Welch College of Business is designed to motivate students to step out in practical world with all weapons of skills, business strategies and clear vision to run the economy and build their career without wasting their potentials in veil of low confidences. Jack Welch College’s 12 powerful MBA courses in finance, marketing and accounts make their students smart and confident to interact with leading company’s owners. Jack Welch’s mission is to enable students to make professional bonding with business students and entrepreneurs all around the world. In spite of becoming traditional and boring business school, Jack Welch College of Business concentrates to groom and polish students with skills, in order to obtain employment right away.

Jack Welch College of Business does not merely give you apiece of paper ‘degree’ , but their online MBA courses teaches you to implement business strategies and become successful entrepreneurs or  run andexp and your business on international level.

Jack Welch College of Business Admission Process

The admission process and tuition fees may differ from one course to another follow the link below to get you enrolled in Online MBA courses at Jack Welch College of Business and witness the success with no excuses and regrets. 



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