Lying over Lynchburg, Virginia, United States, Liberty University is a non-profit Christian University and it is known as a doctoral research university.

Liberty University Introduction & Location

Lying over Lynchburg, Virginia, United States, Liberty University is a non-profit Christian University and it is known as a doctoral research university. Being the largest evangelical Christian educational institute of the world, in 2016 Liberty University enrolled 15000+ residential and 100,000+ online students in undergraduate programs and 6,800+ residential and 12,500+ online students in postgraduate programs. 

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Jerry Falwell, the Senior Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, founded this educational institute as Lynchburg Baptist College in1971. This private Christian academic community earned the ‘University’ status in 1984 and the core mission of this largest Christian University is to prepare students for intellectual and spiritual development. Despite of being a typical school of art or science, Liberty University offers many religious programs and degrees to groom and polish the spiritual side of students.

Even in this modern era, Liberty University is working to maintain the values and religious education the very first priority, byengaging two members of Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia as University board trustees, who are responsible to observe The Liberty Way, a code of conduct of Liberty University, which is imposed on residential students to follow in very respectable and serious manner.

Liberty University Programs

Liberty University promises to prepare you for life to have a successful career and peaceful life with over 500 programs. To be more precise,Liberty University offer 522 total programs which include 247 online programs along with 138 graduate programs and 3 doctoral programs in campus.

Follow the link below to have a comprehensive detail of 500+programs of bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees in art, technology,sciences and history at Liberty University.

The Liberty University focuses to provide values, knowledge and education to all those students out there, who are desperate for success and real achievements in every field of employment and life. The Liberty University’s globally online courses of undergraduate and graduate level have blessed students to earn and learn education and essential skills, without regretting over busy life and schedules.

The tuition fees of residential and online programs fluctuate depending on the different programs of Liberty University, USA.  Follow the link below to check the tuition fees and scholarships, offered by Liberty University.

Students can get a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate residential programs such as business, psychology, religion and education.Apart from residential programs of master’s specialist and doctoral degree,Liberty University has introduced online programs to enable the students get quality education at home, without disturbing their hectic life. 

Follow the link below to get you enrolled as online students at Liberty University. The admission criteria and tuition fee may differ from one course to another. Check it yourself.


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