Lung Cancer is Major Life threatening disease all over the world that frequently develop into Mesothelioma, Fine out what causes cancer? And basic Cancer Prevention tips for healthy lifestyle, We assure you that after reading the Lung Cancer causes, Risk Factors and Cancer Prevention you’ll be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to new research, The modern way of life, and not our bad luck, cause 90% of cancers, and Lung Cancer (Mesothelioma) is one of them.

What Causes Cancer? Lung Cancer Mesothelioma:

Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and infection cited as the main factors contributing to the appearance of the majority of cancers including breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, thyroid cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer, bone cancer, testicular cancer, brain tumor, throat cancer and the Lung Cancer. 

Researchers at Stony Brook University in New York examined the genetic “fingerprints” of different types of cancer to estimate what percentage of the cancer risk associated with environmental factors.

According to the report published in the scientific journal Journal Nature, they found that 90% of the most common cancers caused by external factors, rather than cell errors of the human body.
These external factors include environmental pollution, ultraviolet radiation and stress, in combination with agents that can be controlled, such as diet and exerciseStress is thought to be one of the major cause of stomach cancer as it increased HCL production which leads to somehow stomach cancer. Smoking leads to lung cancer and mesothelioma and alcohol consumption leads to Liver Cancer along with all kind of other cancers are associated with general factors.

Lung Cancer Prevention Tips to Prevent cancers:

Stopping smoking, eating a balanced diet and regular exercise can be used as preventive measures in the fight against cancer

Another survey, conducted by the Cancer Research UK earlier in 2015 found that 40% of cancers could have been prevented with a healthy lifestyle.
Also lung cancer can be prevented who work in asbestos factory who frequently develop the Pleural mesothelioma.

So by taking steps that I mention above you’ll obviously prevent cancer, and also you will prevent lung cancer and mesothelioma. Along with lowering stress can also be helpful for stomach cancer prevention.


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