So Finally Complete Video Tutorial How you can Install Light Speed Web Server (LSWS)on Linux VPS, Follow these steps to install the Mysql Percona server and Light SPeed web server.

How to Install Light Speed Web Server on Linux with PHP and Mysql Part 1 [English]

Its Part 1 Video :

What's Included:

  • Basic SSH Client Commands
  • Yum Update CentOS VPS
  • Enable EPEL Repsotiry on CentOS
  • Install and Secure Mysql Server (Percona Server)
  • Light Speed Web Server Installation

In Part 2 Video (upcoming)

  • Access and setup Web Admin
  • Compile PHP
  • Add Virtual Hosts
  • Add Domains
  • Some Basic settings in Web Admin

In Part 3 (Upcoming)

  • Setup Secure PhpMyadmin
  • Create Databases
  • Host Domains
  • Install Wordpress 
  • Install PHP Based Scripts


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